Hutec has provided  a full array of services to various building types in both private and public sectors. Here is a partial list of projects we successful accomplished in the past. A more detailed list of project type that we are capable can be provided per request.


Salus University Eye Institute

Girard College - Founders’ Hall


Wissahickon Charter School, 4700 wissahickon avenue



Elite Sports Factory

Bell's Market

Divine Iorraine – CiCala


Sivercare, Chester, pa

merakey behavioral health in mt airy ave

Ampersand Health, City-life  Clinic


Public ledge

West Loft Apartment

Coldtex Apartment


The Alison

The Venture

Public Service

Pennsylvania Joint Laboratory Facility

US Social Security Office at Chester, PA

philadelphia Police District 12


Food Package Facility in grary ferry ave

Philly bread in germantown ave

city Distillery and bar in state rd


Khair Mosque

Khmer Palelai Buddhist Monastery

Plymouth Meeting House